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Cane crushing reaches half-way point

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Cane truck
Another load of cane makes its way to the mill. Photo: contributed

The NSW Sugar Industry has just passed the half-way point for the 2021 cane crush, having enjoyed favourable weather conditions, reliable transport and factory operations and a positive sugar price outlook.

To date, the three North Coast mills have processed some 850,000 tonnes of locally grown cane.

A relatively warm winter allowed for some additional growth in both one and 2-year-old cane and coming into Spring there has been an uplift in CCS, with sugar content performing well above average.

Condong sugar mill has crushed just under 50% of its forecast 480,000 tonne crop, with the northernmost cane ground having experienced some winter rain showers.

Broadwater sugar mill is running at just over 50% of its 640,000 tonne crop crushed so far and is on track to finish the season in mid to late November.

Cane on conveyor
Crushed cane on a conveyor. Photo: contributed

Harwood sugar mill is at 50% of its forecast 600,000 tonne crop despite experiencing some power outages and other operating challenges over the past month.

Sunshine Sugar CEO, Mr Chris Connors said; “Ultimately we’re having a tremendous season so far, which is encouraging for our growers and the industry.”

Despite the many challenges the local sugar industry has faced it appears that the 150-year-old industry isn’t going away.

“The local sugar industry continues to prove that it’s a reliable and consistent agricultural business here in the Northern Rivers region. This season we’re in a position to offer a record cane price to our NSW growers off the back of a solid world market and new varieties that are performing well above historical CCS averages, which is in stark contrast to many other industries.”

Clarence Valley Independent 22 September 2021

This article appeared in the Clarence Valley Independent, 22 September 2021.


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