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“Harrod’s” raises almost $9k

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Harrod's volunteers
Finally in their new store, Lucindale’s Jill Hodgins (left), Lynette Loechel, Lizzie Holtsbaum and Valmai Cooper are pleased to have their photos taken with “Harrod’s” models, Lucy and Dale standing behind them. Photo: Naracoorte Community News

Chris Oldfield, Naracoorte Community News

After raising almost $9000 for the community, Lucindale’s Op Shop has grown out of its store, and relocated.

Affectionately known as “Harrod’s of Lucindale”, several women have been working around the clock setting up the Lucy Loves Again second-hand community store in the former ANZ Bank building.

The store first opened in the small building next door on May 27, 2019.

“It was an initiative of Leanne Graetz and the Lucindale LINC committee,” store volunteer manager Lynette Loechel said.

“At the time, Leanne owned the Deli.

“Initially, Leanne had got Jo Hamlyn to start the business, but after a few months Jo had other commitments to attend to.”

Lynette agreed to help and two years later, is still there.

“With the support of locals, it has grown quite well. And it passes the time for those of us who are retired – well that’s what Leanne says,” Lynette laughs.

Shoulder to shoulder with Lynette are her main crew – Jill Hodgins and Lizzie Holtsbaum.

“I could not do anything without them both. They work really hard,” said Lynette, who highlighted their sense of fun and humour.

Also, often on hand, is the town’s famous retired chef and helper, Valmai Cooper.

“We have another 12 or so volunteers who come in and help as well, and they are all really, really good,” Lynette said.

“I think our workload has tripled since it (the community store) first started, but with volunteers and community help, we hope everyone will continue to enjoy their visits here.”

“We call this (op-shop) the Harrod’s of Lucindale,” Lizzie laughed.

“We like to have a bit of fun.”

She hoped the community and neighbouring towns would continue to support the store and go in to browse and buy some bargains.

“I just wish even more people would come in and support us,” she said.

“We have everything here,” Jill said, as a farm hand entered the building, wanting a hat to wear while at work.

With $9000 already raised, (less costs), for the town’s community planning and development board – otherwise known as LINC – Lynette said she hoped the fundraising would continue.

Costs included electricity, but not rent.

Bendigo Bank rents a portion of the building.

Geoff and Carmel Robinson who own the property donate the remainder of the property to the community op-shop in a bid to help them raise funds for LINC.

“We are really appreciative of all our volunteers, and to Geoff and Carmel for their generosity,” Lynette said.

Lucindale’s “Harrod’s” op-shop is open on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 11am to 4pm.

Bendigo Bank still operates from a separate section of the building every Tuesday.

Naracoorte Community News 15 September 2021

This article appeared in Naracoorte Community News, 15 September 2021.


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