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Crowds flock to college’s annual open day

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Serena Kirby, Denmark Bulletin

The WA College of Agriculture Denmark showcased a wide range of activities this month at its annual open day.

Ainslie Drage talks about the aquaculture program with Patrick McConigley. Photo: Serena Kirby.

While visitor numbers were reduced this year due to COVID-19 restrictions, the event was still attended by more than 800 people.

Families, prospective students and members of the public met staff, viewed student work and learned about the education opportunities the college has to offer.

From machinery maintenance and aquaculture to forestry and calf rearing, students and staff demonstrated the farm-based programs run by the school.

Additional displays were held inside classrooms for the more traditional high school subjects such as biology, English and maths.

  • Denmark College Open Day

Photos: Serena Kirby.

With various produce tastings, sale of wines produced by the viticulture students, and barista coffee made by the hospitality students, visitors were kept busy and well fed throughout the day.

Student numbers have grown steadily at the college since it began in 1942.

With 135 students, and more females enrolling in the past five years, there is now an equal split of girls and boys.

Acting principal Steve Swallow said the open day was a great opportunity for the general public to see the school’s operations.

“We are quite a lot different than other high schools and visitors are always surprised by the range of things we do and the extensive amount of farm equipment we have,” he said.

“We also love that our students’ family members can come and see first hand what they’re learning and what skills they’re obtaining.”

Being able to keep your own horse at the college is a big drawcard for equine lovers.
Photo: Serena Kirby.

There are five agricultural colleges in WA.

The majority of students come from the Great Southern, but many come from elsewhere in the State, from as far away as Tom Price.

Denmark Bulletin 16 September 2021

This article appeared in the Denmark Bulletin, 16 September 2021.


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