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2021 Local Government Elections – Barkly candidates have their say

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Brian Coleman – focuses on health

Brian Coleman

Hi all, my name is Brian Coleman, I have spent most of my adult life in and around the Barkly, through marriage I have a great extended family which I am proud of.

My intention to run for mayor and Council is my genuine attitude to the people of the Barkly irrelevant of what status but here to do a job.

I believe these days social impressions have a big impact on our youth as it is not only our region but nearly everywhere.

Today’s problems are not going to be solved by meetings and words.

For instance, obesity is prevalent, diabetes, cardiac and respiratory problems which mostly stem from a lack of respect for oneself, leading to depression and suicide.

These are all relevant issues that lead to boredom and crime even gang mentality as a way of being something.

My personal opinion is that as leaders of our community, we have to make sacrifices to lead as impressions of who we are and conduct ourselves can make a change. We have to start somewhere.

If elected I plan on improving education, and diverse curriculum activities to suit so goals can be set as without a future we have only past.

You the people will get someone who listens and gives 100 per cent.

You can see me at the markets, at the footy umpiring, at the club socialising with my extended family.

I must commend the Memo Club committee and management as there is a great feeling of unity in that TAB room.

I appreciate everybody in the region and respect your choices.

Authorised by Brian Coleman, Gun Club, Peko Road, Tennant Creek NT 0860.

Hal Ruger – getting things done

Hal Ruger

Let me introduce myself. My name is Hal Ruger, I was born and raised in Tennant Creek. My wife and I have two sons also born and raised in Tennant Creek.

I have a vested interest in the town, the Barkly region and the people that reside here.

I have served on the Council for 17 years consecutively – one term as an alderman with the Tennant Creek Town Council and three terms with the Barkly Regional Council as a Councillor.

The projects close to my heart are the installation of the town clock, greening of the new section of the Tennant Creek Cemetery.

I have sponsored Show Santa Where You Live lights competition, the Ruger Run and Australia Day Events at Lake Mary Ann.

As well as many individuals and sporting groups over those 17 years.

I have cooked many sausages at the Australia Day event at the lake as many people would know.

My pet hate at the moment is the amount of graffiti littering the main street and other areas. I have currently been endeavouring to clean it up.

I am looking for your support in the upcoming local government elections held on the 28 August 2021.

I am standing for the seat of Mayor – Barkly Regional Council and/or Councillor for Patta Ward.

If given the opportunity to represent you there are some points that I would like to see addressed.

  • Federal and grant funding delivered and spent in the areas intended in a timely manner.
  • Develop a walking track from Battery Hill to the Bill Allen lookout as a safer alternative to the Road up the hill for our walkers.
  • Tourist destinations and attractions in Tennant Creek, Ali Curung, Elliott, Epenarra and Alpurrurulum centred around the beautiful landscapes, art, waterholes, gold prospecting, bush tucker hunting and other cultural experiences.
  • To develop local jobs and economic growth throughout all of our regional areas.
  • Tackling the issue around crime and graffiti in our major communities and town. In conjunction with businesses, government and non- government organisations to develop ways to address these issues.

Authorised by Hal Ruger, 30 Ambrose Street Tennant Creek NT 0860.

Jeffrey McLaughlin – continuing the Barkly boom

Jell McLaughlin

Originally from Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, I was one of many hundreds of people who came to the Barkly expecting to stay for a couple of months.

That was 16 years ago.

I am now a Tennant Creek local through-and-through and a proud resident, with my partner Beck, I am raising two young daughters, Grace and Elsie.

I’m a ‘sound dude’, and I’m a popular musician who has worked as a music producer, band manager and mentor at Barkly Regional Arts/ Winanjjikari Music Centre.

I was elected to the Barkly Regional Council in 2017 and donned the Mayoral robes about a year ago.

I have relished the role and decided to throw my hat in the ring once again because I want to see the region continue to thrive.

Why should I be the Mayor of Barkly region?

The Barkly is my home, it’s where I am raising my family, I have friends right across the region and I want to continue to work proactively to grow our towns and communities into vibrant places that are socially and economically resilient. I have experience as both a councillor and mayor and have already overseen key developments across the Barkly. We have big plans in the pipeline which I’m enthusiastic about bringing to fruition. Basically, I’m ready to hit the ground running.

What are my key campaign platforms for making Barkly a better place to live?

  • Continue the Barkly Boom by supporting industry and innovation with a vision to develop the Barkly as a world-leading renewable energy hub.
  • Work collaboratively with the community and other levels of government to enact social reform towards making towns and communities in the Barkly safe, healthy and dynamic places for everyone.
  • Draw on local talent right across the Barkly in support of arts, culture and creative industries so our communities are zestful, happening, happy places.

What is my vision for Barkly by the end of my term as Mayor?

  • a socially and economically vibrant region that appreciates and celebrates its cultural diversity;
  • a region comprised of cohesive towns and communities that share a sense of belonging; and
  • a region that is supportive of industry, innovation and environmental sustainability.

Authorised by Hal Ruger, 4 Caroline Street Tennant Creek NT 0860

Dianne Stokes – keeping families together

Dianne Stokes

Ya, arni ngini Nampin Dianne Stokes.

I’m a Warumungu and Warlmanpa woman who has lived an worked in the Barkly my entire life. Locals will remember I helped to lead a decade-long successful community campaign to stop Federal Government plans to impose a nuclear waste dump at Muckaty near Tennant Creek.

I live in Karlumpurlpa and am standing to represent residents of Patta Ward.

I have always been a strong voice to Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people in the Barkly, and a responsible community leader advocating for healthy communities, land, water, language and culture. I have worked for Julalikari Resource Centre and Anyinginyi Health and in many other volunteer community roles.

Here are my priorities:

Keep families together. I am committed to helping local families stay connected through well-resourced Family Centres that can support parents, carers and young people to stay together safely. I want to tackle family and community violence. Let’s keep kids out of the criminal and welfare system and safe on Country, connected with community.

Build the Barkly. I want to see more shady places to stay out of the heat and cold, and gathering places especially for the elderly, people with disabilities and families. I will advocate for better services for homelands residents so they can stay on Country with work, healthcare and education.

Healthy Country. We need safe drinking water for all communities, better town and homeland healthcare, and to plan for our water resources into the future. I will fight to protect Country from damaging activities like gas fracking.

Authorised by Authorised by Dianne Stokes, Karlumpurlpa Community, NT 0860.

Greg Marlow – helping to make improvements

Greg Marlow

Hello, my name is Greg Marlow, and I’m standing for councillor in the Patta ward election on 20 August.

For over 20 years, I have worked in the community to make Tennant Creek a better place. Most notably, through Rotary, the annual Show, Chamber of Commerce and the Barkly Regional Economic Development Committee.

I have been on committees to bring events such as the DaVinci and Michelangelo Exhibitions to town, to help out at fundraisers such as the Multicultural nights and Pink Ribbon Breakfast, and develop ideas such as the Mt Isa gas pipeline and railway.

Through representation on boards at Territory level, I have provided a Barkly perspective and gained a working relationship with both sides of politics.

With my professional career as an accountant, I have assisted many businesses to continue to trade in our region, and helped many individuals receive tax refunds, so that they can spend that in our community.

What’s in the Barkly Regional Council for me ?

The opportunity to work with other councillors and the staff, to make improvements in local employment, living conditions, services and a continuation of community events.

For me, it’s a different way to tackle some of the same issues, that may just get done.

Bottom on the ballot paper ? Don’t leave me last.

Authorised by Greg Marlow, 77 Ambrose Street, Tennant Creek NT.

Karan Hayward – standing for local decision making

Karen Hayward

I came to Tennant Creek in December 1982 for the weekend and have been here since. I made Tennant Creek my home, met my partner (Mark Gillard) and have been part of the community ever since.

I have raised my family, built my home, setup business here and worked for the people of the Barkly region for the past 35 years in various jobs.

I have the qualifications and drive to work the best for the community. I was appointed to Council in November 2020 and have spent the past nine months on Council working for the Barkly.

We need to do more and the reason I have decided to stand for election in the Patta Ward. I am a person that believe we can do better and bring our community back to the great economic, community friendly and prosperous region we were in the past.

  • I stand for empowerment of local decision making
  • I stand up and support the whole of the Barkly Region community
  • I advocate and support for the hiring and retaining of local people to work at the Council.
  • I support local people and business development to ensure we of the Barkly Region have economic growth for our future generations.
  • Safety in our community is a high priority for me, as is for the whole of community.
  • I encourage and demand more consultation with community people to ensure a better outcome for all.

Authorised by Karan Hayward, 7 Kathleen Street, Tennant Creek NT.

Kelly White

Kelly White – less secret men’s business

Hi, my name is Kelly White and I have been a part of the Barkly for the better part of 30 plus years.

Before I go in to why I am standing for council I would like to let all know that I am not affiliated with either labour or the CLP within the NT.

Local government is a passionate way of holding both NT parties accountable and lobbying federal government for fair and even services.

Barkly Council and representatives need to be more open to combining all Aboriginal organisations and working a cohesive environment for the progress of all town areas under the Patta Ward.

Accountability from all elected representatives and accountability for ongoing projects without bias.

A better funding for wider friendly foot pathways.

Tennant Creek street scrap project that we have been told is funded but hasn’t happen over the last four years?

Youth accommodation?

Indigenous women’s voices to be taken in to account as our area within the Patta Ward has many significant sites that can only be addressed by these elderly statesman of our community.

Document release and less secret men’s business behind closed doors as we are community that need each other’s input whether we want to hear or not.

Completed family friendly parks.

I would like to be back home for the election but I have found myself in South Australia for a short time caring for my elderly father and giving my sister some much needed rest from a job she has done for almost six years without a holiday.

I have the drive to attempt to make changes and see completion of started dragged out works and hope people of the Barkly and Patta Ward see that I do take up challenges and look for positive community completed outcomes.

Authorised by Kelly White, 13 Standley street Tennant Creek, NT 0860.

Catherine Grimley – open minded and positive

Catherine Grimley

I have lived in Tennant Creek for 35 years now, I moved here from the inner west of Sydney, and have never left.

Over that time I have had many jobs, mostly in the hospitality sector, but also working as election staff over about 20 of those years. Currently I have the distinct pleasure of being, as someone referred to me the other day, “the photographer lady” for the Tennant Times – a job I wish I had got many years ago, not just over two, but that job has allowed me to meet so many people I probably would not have otherwise and opened me up to so many diverse points of view which I consider to be an advantage if elected to council.

I don’t belong to any clubs and I am not much into sports, but I am happy to pitch in and lend a hand if needed, because that’s the way a community should be.

Like anywhere, there are downsides to living so remotely, but nothing that cannot be compensated for somehow.

In return, Tennant Creek offers a lifestyle that is unique and I would like to help keep it that way into the future – a place where people want to stay and make their home.
Local government needs different perspectives to make the best decisions and I hope that my perspective can contribute to a bright future for the region.

Those of you that know me, know I am not the kind of person who promotes myself, it is simply not something I have ever been comfortable doing, but I do believe that I can bring, at the very least, an open mind and a positive attitude to any council duties if elected.

Authorised by Catherine Grimley, Flat 8, 80-84 Schmidt Street Tennant Creek, NT 0860.

Tennant & District Times 20 August 2021

This article appeared in Tennant & District Times, 20 August 2021.


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