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Review – Alice the Kangaroo

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Author: Jeremy Southern
Amberly Kramhoft

Did you know that a kangaroo can leap nine metres in a single bound, about the length of a school bus!? Or the perhaps implausible way in which the town of Alice Springs got its name?

Not so much a piece of fiction for children as an epic poem set in the endless and challenging landscape of central Australia, Alice the Kangaroo tells the story of the seemingly hapless kangaroo Alice, assisted by her new friend Gary the Galah, saving a Joey from a raging bushfire – with vibrant illustrations to match.

Jeremy Southern has been an advertising creative for the last 25 years and has run agencies all over the world, including NZ, Dubai, Vietnam and The Philippines.

A few years ago, he got sick of the rat race and returned to Australia, where he now resides in the Blue Mountains with his wife and dog.

In an effort to have something worthwhile to put in his epitaph, other than chips, washing powder and beer, he started writing children’s stories.

In his spare time Jeremy can be found on the biking trails of the Blue mountains or hard at work on his next book. But most likely the former.

Amberly Kramhoft is an Australian-born artist originally from the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney, and currently based in the French Alps.

She has been drawing and making art since she was a child, has a background in photography and graphic design, and has also worked in the printing and advertising industries for many years.

Her illustration style ranges from hand-drawn black and white, highly detailed sketches, to brightly coloured digital art, and everything in between.

Nature is usually a predominant influence and inspiration (likely due to growing up surrounded by bushland and animals).

Publisher: Interactive Publications Pty Ltd
ISBN: 9781922332042
Hardcover : $AU26.00 RRP
EBook : $AU13.00 RRP


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