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The nappy and incontinence aid collection service turning waste into products: Greater Shepparton City Council

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Greater Shepparton City Council, Media Release, 19 February 2024

Greater Shepparton City Council has entered into a contract with Kelland Environmental Technology Pty Ltd, trading as DiaperRecycle, to process and recycle collected disposable nappy and incontinence product waste from Greater Shepparton residents.

DiaperRecycle is an Australian business in Melbourne. They divert used disposable nappies and incontinence aids from landfill, by recycling them into other products. They produce reusable plastic for recyclers and a cat litter, which is made from the fibre found in disposable diapers.

Last year, Council introduced the collection service for nappies and incontinence aids to assist residents with managing the volume of waste in their red lid bin, following the kerbside collection frequency change.

The Nappy and Incontinence Aid Collection Service is provided to residents as part of Council’s current waste services, but is separate to the regular kerbside bin collection. Residents interested in the Nappy and Incontinence Aid Collection Service are required to register for the program via Council’s website.

Council’s Manager Resource Recovery, Liam Moller, said Greater Shepparton residents have welcomed the program.

“The service has approximately 500 registered households and care centres so far. The service is processing an estimated 1,500 kg of waste per week, diverting this waste from landfill,” he said.

“This is an outstanding contribution towards achieving both Council’s, and the Victorian Government’s, 2030 waste diversion objectives.”

CEO of DiaperRecycle, Cynthia Barnicoat, highlighted the importance of their mission.

“Our mission is to do something about climate change, by keeping this waste out of landfill and therefore decreasing emissions. We are also reusing valuable materials that should not be wasted,” she said.

“We are excited about working with Greater Shepparton, a Council that is obviously very committed to decreasing waste and reaching net zero targets, and not just talking about it but doing it.”

For more information or to sign up for the nappy service, please visit Council’s website greatershepparton.com.au/nappy, call Council’s Customer Service on 5832 9700, or email nappies@shepparton.vic.gov.au.


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