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Liam Holland in top 25 high achievers for 2023

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On the 26th January Liam Holland had the opportunity to wine, dine and mingle with the Governor of Victoria, Her Excellency Margaret Gardner and several hundred other people from all over Victoria. These invitees were all handpicked for the Australia Day Reception at Government House for being high achievers in their careers or education.

Liam was in the top 25 high achievers for VPC (Victorian Pathways Certificate) for 2023.

Each year the Governor of Victoria invites a number of individuals from across Victoria to attend events such as this. Some will be invited because they are involved with particular groups or sectors. Others are invited because of their achievements over the past year. Attendees may be from community groups, volunteers, various sectors or fields or government departments, those serving the community, students and more. Those invited may differ each year.

The aim is to bring Victorians together to celebrate Australia Day and Victorians achievements as a whole.

The Department of Education provides a list of High performing students to be invited to this event most years. This does not involve any awards–it is simply offered to students to attend, joining other Victorians and enjoying the hospitality of Government House as recognition of their hard work and achievements.

Liam, who was one of the students invited to attend, shared this special occasion with his mum Sam and both thoroughly enjoyed the day.

Nhill Free Press & Kaniva Times 14 February 2024

This article appeared in the Nhill Free Press & Kaniva Times, 14 February 2024.


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