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Adam’s ATAR ‘near perfect’

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Serena Kirby, Denmark Bulletin

Denmark Senior High School again produced high-performing ATAR students last year.

Adam Turner achieved a near perfect score of 97.7 and was not only awarded Dux of the school but collected six other awards including physics and maths awards.

Adam is now preparing to relocate to Perth where he will study biomedicine at WA University.

Adam said that as well as doing a major in biomedicine he would do minors in Japanese language and finance.

“At this stage I’m pretty interested in surgery so I hope to specialise in that once I complete my medical degree,”Adam said.

Mei Jones also obtained a high result with an ATAR score of 90.65.

Mei has accepted an offer from Murdoch University to study a bachelor of communications, majoring in journalism, and will also move to Perth in the coming weeks.

“I think I want to be a journalist but I’m also not 100 per cent sure if that’s what I’ll end up doing,” Mei said.

Like Adam, Mei has elected to do a minor in Japanese as she’d like to return to her mother’s birthplace of Japan in the future and to be fluent in the language. Both students said they had set aside time in the mornings to study and this had helped them through year 12.

“We both listen to music when we study but it has to be the right kind of music, something that doesn’t distract you too much,” Mei said.

The school also had numerous students with ATAR scores in the 80s range.

They included Stella Gleeson, Tayah Mastalerz, Matilda McGregor, Justin Otway, Georgia Schober, Jordan Stadler and Saffron Truong.

Denmark Senior High School principal Kath Ward said that 21 of the 26 ATAR eligible students gained ‘front door’ entry to university.

“I’m very pleased with the wide range of quality results in ATAR, general and VET achieved by our school’s 2023 graduates,” Ms Ward said.

Denmark Bulletin 25 January 2024

This article appeared in the Denmark Bulletin, 25 January 2024.


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