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Maranoa mining projects at risk: Littleproud

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The Hon. David Littleproud, Nationals Leader and Maranoa MP, Media Release, 10 November 2022

The Nationals Leader and Maranoa MP David Littleproud said revelations Labor would call in 18 resource projects – two of which were in Maranoa – for further environmental assessments would cost jobs for no further environmental gain.

He said the mining industry was now facing another tough hurdle, at a time when Labor was also threatening resource companies with more intervention.

“The end result of Labor’s ideology means Maranoa families will have less job opportunities and pay even more for their electricity,” Mr Littleproud said.

“Energy prices are already going up by 56 per cent but making it even harder for coal and gas projects to pass even more environmental assessments inevitably means supply goes down and cost goes up.”

Labor has announced it will accept public submissions on the climate change impacts of 18 coal and gas projects under the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act.

Until now, the federal government only considered a project’s impact on native wildlife and vegetation.

“The change Labor is making risks the possibility that any project can fail an environmental assessement if Labor doesn’t like it.”

The projects at risk include the Stanmore Coal, The Range Project, which is 30 kilometres southeast of Wandoan in the Surat Basin as well as the TEC Coal Meandu Mine – King 2 East Project.

“Prime Minister Anthony Albanese promised voters 97 times before the election he would lower electricity bills by $275.

“Instead, Labor is now making it harder for projects in Maranoa to pass assessments.”

A definitive feasibility study by Stanmore Coal confirmed The Range Project as a high-quality, export-grade, thermal coal project.

However, Stanmore Coal has previously pointed out forecast operating costs were a factor in whether or not its application would continue.

“Easing the cost of living crisis and helping families with their power bills needs common sense.”


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