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Australia Day, the poem: Steve Rogers

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Flock of galahs
Photo: John Carnemolla

Australia Day allows us to reflect on being Aussies
Forget about the easterlies, the bush flies and the mozzies

Welcome to Australia Day, a wonderful occasion
Where animosity should not be part of the equation.

Let’s thank the world for what we’ve got, not what we think we should
Forget the negativity and think about the good

So we should look about us and tally up the score
Appreciate just what we’ve got and don’t scream out for more

Our cricket team’s now winning and Barty’s back on track
There’s been changes on the council, that’s another off our back

Those of us with grandkids are happy that we’re blessed
We love the little buggers – who would have ever guessed?

And we can live on memories of wondrous times back when
We could leave the house unlocked and safely live within.

The innocence of living here when Rolf was on TV
He would entertain us all, with kiddies on his knee.

But really we have things so good, compared with overseas
No bombs or terrorist attacks, or horrors such as these

Our weather’s nearly perfect, except for climate change
But that is happening somewhere else, beyond the Darling Range

And may I say to those that think that they have authority
To change the date of ‘Straya Day to please minorities.

I think you’re wrong, prolonging hurt, and driving in a wedge
Lets make Australia great again, that should be our pledge.

So to all you dissidents stick your other celebration
You’ve fallen for the three card trick with blatant abjuration.

Forgive the past and start anew, get on with the job
Wherever we have come from, we are now one mob.

So raise a glass and eat a chop to what we have got here
A life with family and friends, and celebrate good cheer

Be thankful for the ones we’ve got, and ones no longer there
And join in song with gratitude, Advance Australia Fair.

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