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Torres and Cape Indigenous Councils Alliance voices concern

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TCICA discusses Covid-19 battle

The Torres and Cape Indigenous Councils Alliance has voiced its concerns about the threat of Covid-19 in vulnerable communities and is urging locals to do their bit to keep the region safe.

TCICA held its August meeting by video conference last week, with over 20 mayors, councillors and chief executives participating in discussions on matters including Covid-19, regional education, local government grants, future advocacy planning, and a community-led campaign to stop the flow of sly grog into communities.

Hot on the agenda was the threat of Covid-19 and especially the dangerous Delta variant.

“While the news of lockdowns being lifted in Cairns and Yarrabah in the wake of no new cases was positive, communities still need to be highly vigilant and prepared for a possible outbreak,” said TCICA executive officer Melinda Eades in a statement.

Some councils, including Torres Shire, have put in place measures to restrict people coming into communities for non-essential or non-urgent business.

“TCICA has also collectively asked staff of government agencies, non-government organisations and others to reconsider the need to travel and instead look to online platforms such as Zoom and Teams to conduct meetings, and this advice still stands.

“It is very pleasing to see that this position has been strongly supported across government, NGOs and industry.”

Cape York Weekly 17 August 2021

This article appeared in Cape York Weekly, 17 August 2021.


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