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Online forum: Activating the low carbon economy in regional Australia

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Parkes Shire Council, Media Release, 3 August 2021

Government and industry representatives, businesses, agribusinesses, community members, advocates and anyone with an interest in this field are invited to attend the Activating the Low Carbon Economy in Regional Australia forum online on Thursday 19 August 2021 to learn more about embracing this developing industry and the opportunities it offers.

Hosted by Parkes Shire Council, this one-day forum will feature a series of experts explaining how the low carbon economy is being activated to spur innovation in regional Australia and providing practical examples and case studies on how regional industries can benefit from the transition to a low carbon economy. 

The forum sessions will revolve around the following core themes:

  • Activating the low carbon economy
  • Accelerating the transition to net zero carbon
  • Understanding the benefits of the circular economy
  • Maximizing the potential of the Parkes Special Activation Precinct

Hear from leading speakers in the field, including Professor Will Steffen from ANU/ Climate Council and Scientia Professor Veena Sahajwalla from UNSW’s Smart Centre; Food Sustainability representative (& former Ag & Trade Minister) Niall Blair; along with Speakers representing: Beyond Zero Emissions, Cities Power Partnership, Farmers for Climate Action, NSW Circular and the Institute for Sustainable Futures.

Given the unpredictable nature of the current COVID-19 outbreak in NSW, the ‘Activating the Low Carbon Economy in Regional Australia’ forum will now be delivered online.

Tickets are on sale now for just $30. 

For more information visit Parkes Shire Council website.


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