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Lockhart River claim prestigious shield

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Laura Quinkan Dance Festival
Photo: Cape York Weekly

The threat of COVID deterred a number of dance groups from attending, but that didn’t stop a sell-out crowd from enjoying the show at the Laura Quinkan Dance Festival.

Around 2000 people filled the grounds around the traditional Bora ground and watched as groups from across the Cape and Far North shared their culture with a crowd filled with mostly southerners.

Lockhart River dance group Kawadji Wiimpa was crowned champions and took home the prestigious shield.

Laura Quinkan Dance Festival shield
John Ross, chairman of the Ang-Gnarra Aboriginal Corporation, presented the Laura Quinkan Dance Festival Shield to Zeph Butcher and Simon Butcher from Lockhart River’s dance group Kawadji Wiimpa. Photo: Cape York Weekly

Mayor Wayne Butcher, who led the group, said he was thrilled the younger crew were rewarded for their hard work and dedication.

“There’s a lot of new faces there and that’s what this is about; passing on culture from generation to generation,” he said.

“A lot of the older dancers didn’t want to come because of COVID.”

Cape York Weekly 6 July 2021

This article, with a further picture spread, appeared in Cape York Weekly, 6 July 2021.


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