Sunday, June 23, 2024

Tarrangower Times


The bees are back

If you think you’ve had a rough couple of years, spare a thought for beekeeper and honey producer Lindsay Callaway of Warral Maldon. Hard on the heels of the Covid lockdowns came the discovery in NSW of the varroa mite in June last year.  

Porcupine Village update

The Times spoke to Porcupine Village owner Frank Hutchinson this week about the recent shutdown of works at the site. From the start of this project, Frank and the management team were taking advice from a Town Planning consultant with over 30 years’ experience ... Frank is now working with a Melbourne-based group of town planners who have a great deal of experience in dealing with complex planning issues.

Porcupine Village woes

It was an announcement that was significant enough for the Minister for Tourism, Sport and Major Events to visit Maldon in May last year: a State Government decision to invest $1.7 million in a development at Porcupine Village ... After eight months, progress on the Porcupine Village development has stalled, with works shut down by Council owing to lack of compliance regarding appropriate planning permission.

A Victorian wallpaper story or do not lick the wallpaper

Palm House in Maldon is an impressive example of a pristine, well-preserved heritage home with all the Victorian charm that is part of Maldon. Situated on High Street, south of the township, serving as a B&B and loved home for Andrew and Amanda Fedorowicz, the residence is a step back in time.