Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Lloyd Polkinghorne, The Koondrook and Barham Bridge Newspaper


Turtle spotters wanted

Kirstin Nicholson. A turtle nest – a wonderful construction, dug by the female to lay her eggs in and filled back up to keep the eggs safe from the world until they hatch up to a year later ... Despite being backfilled, the eggs are still in danger from predators like foxes and water rats. While we may not be able to easily identify a turtle nest, unfortunately a fox can ... Graham Stockfeld from Turtles Australia has been visiting the Gunbower and Cohuna area several times a year to protect the nests and collect data.

Carol says – “Vote with your boat for healthy rivers”

“Fisher folk, stand-up boarders, kayakers and everyone are invited to bring their sailboats, tinnies or whatever and come along with us to stand up for our inland rivers,” says Carol Carney. Carol is the proud owner of "Sneaky Snag", a beautiful 4.8 metre long blue and white trailor-boat that floats around the Murray River and other waterways near Echuca, one of Victoria's primo river towns. At 3pm on April 16, 2021, boats of all descriptions will launch into the weir-pool above Lock 32, at Menindee in Western NSW.

Kerang racing

Kendall Jennings. I have never been so close to racing before, a privilege for owners, trainers and the media. Oh my, I was in for a treat, feeling like a kid at the lolly shop, eyes wide and smiles everywhere. I was treated to an all-area pass, and I made the most of it. I spoke to jockeys, trainers, owners and volunteers, absorbing as much as I could to learn more about horse racing—everything from horse earmuffs to shoes.

Another bank bites the dust

Kirstin Nicholson. Cohuna has lost another of its bank branches with the closure of the ANZ Bank on March 19. It is the third bank branch to close its doors in recent years, following in the footsteps of the Commonwealth Bank and Bendigo Bank. The NAB is the only bank branch still operating in the district. Staff from the branch have been relocated to neighbouring towns or have taken packages.

ACCC trading review released

Under the government lead water reforms, water trading is mostly unregulated, not even requiring an ABN to trade water. “There is no law against market manipulation in the Murray-Darling Basin water markets,” ACCC deputy chair, Mr Keogh said. “So, it’s not illegal, even if it is occurring.” In Australia we now have multinational corporates, foreign buyers and the big end of town able to buy, trade and, in some instances, remain capital gains tax free as they bid for water against Aussie food and fibre producers.

Fire Brigade State Champs

Kirstin Nicholson. “Everyone has their own role and responsibility. The three events are all different technicalities where you’ve all got to gel together and work as a team, but there’s also a bit of speed put in. Between first and third place sometimes there’s not even one second,” explained Brigade captain, Matthew Trigg. Matthew cannot speak highly enough of the team and it is clear he is impressed with their effort and achievement. “The crew works really well together. We haven’t had much training, and it shows you their dedication. When we get down there, we make every minute count.”

That dog don’t hunt

‘The Weekly Times’ water reporter, Peter Hunt, appears to be off the scent. Mr Hunt attempted to downplay the Darling’s historical contributions to South Australia’s allocations. The article that appeared in the March 24 edition reported that ‘a 20-year-old, one-off calculation is being used by opponents of flood plain harvesting to exaggerate the value of the Darling River’s flow to Murray River communities.’

Strange sighting

Stunned fishermen have had a close encounter with what they described as a ‘Sand Slug’. Once thought to be a tale of folklore, the mythical creature rose to public awareness after a Sand Slug was reported to have caused the blocking of the Barmah Choke.