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Meet the Richmond River Independent

Community owned through the Richmond River Independent Community Association, the Richmond River Independent covers the Richmond Valley and Kyogle areas in Northern New South Wales. Ben Hawke spent some time on the job with the editor, Susanna Freymark, and Bob Mills, the Association President.


Recent articles

Paper put on pandemic pause

Bob Mills. Within two weeks of the launch of the Richmond River Independent it was clear this was something our region needed. The community welcomed it ... By early this year, after a lot of effort and backing from the community, our future was looking good ... Then came lockdown and it knocked the stuffing out of businesses across the region. That pushed the Independent into losses we can't sustain.

I had a dream. It changed. And now I have a new dream

My dream came true. There are not many times you get to say that in a lifetime. My dream was to edit an independent newspaper free from the shackles of a corporation. To write news stories that I thought mattered rather than stories that would ‘sell’.

Bike club tracks well with new trails

Fiona Kerwin. It has been a busy 12 months for Kyogle Mountain Bike Club. Three trails have been added to the network, two others were refurbished and a pump track was built in Anzac Park – thanks to two grants from Kyogle Council. The increase to the trail network made it possible for the club to host events.

Earlier articles

Housing and high cattle prices hit meatworkers

High cattle prices and the housing crisis have led to changes at the casino Food Co-op. Shifts have been reduced and the co-operative plans to build worker cottages on site. Chief executive Simon Stahl said the price of cattle was too high for the meat processing plant.

Crews busy with house and bush fires

There have been several house fires in the past two weeks – in Casino, Mallanganee, Deep Creek and Cawongla ... RFS crews from Mallanganee, Mummulgum and Tabulam brigades as well as Fire and Rescue NSW assisted at the Deep Creek farmhouse fire ... On Monday, two bushfires were under control by RFS.

Junior Cougars on the rise

Congratulations, Casino Cougars. The junior outfit has been named the NSW Rugby League Grassroots Club of the Year. The club has grown from 130 players in 2012 to 340 in 2021.

Going into dive bomber territory

I took barely two steps from my car and a magpie slammed into the side of my face. I clutched my camera as I ran across the road. “I didn’t expect that,” I said breathless to the waiting residents. Happens all the time, they said. The group of six stood with umbrellas opened above their heads. It was a bright sunny day. The umbrellas were essential to deter the magpie if any of them stepped out of their units ... Marlene has lived on Pratt St for 11 years and the past five had been dominated by the magpie.

Time to pad up for a new season

Claire Rankin. The Evans Head Hammerheads club’s Tracey Bodley said the club needed up to 10 cricketers to meet a shortfall caused by players moving away for work and other reasons ... The Casino RSM Redbacks Cricket Club is looking for cricketers of all ages and experience to play in the Casino and Lismore competition. Family combinations are encouraged, as well as those who have previously retired from the game but would like to play again.

Another pub for sale in Casino

The pub on Casino’s busiest roundabout is up for sale. No one is saying how much it is expected to sell for but Hotel Cecil is on the market ... In 1919, the Cecil was cut into pieces and dragged by a bullock team to its current site on Centre St. This is the first time in 45 years it has been on the market.

The Richmond River Independent is community owned through the Richmond River Independent Community Association Inc. covering Richmond Valley and Kyogle Council areas in Northern NSW.

The Richmond River Independent free weekly newspaper is a community response to the devastating decision by News Corp to shut down our local paper.

We needed a local paper that tells news about us.

From breaking news like the fires at Rappville, to fishing comps at Evans Head, cattle sales in Casino, giant pumpkins in Kyogle, Council news, births, deaths and marriages and local sport.

Who will tell these stories for us if we don’t have a local paper?

The Richmond River Independent is owned by the community. That way it can never be taken over or closed down on a whim.

It’s advertising support that will make this paper sustainable. That’s a two-way street, because local businesses need focused local media to market their products and services and we’re here to provide that platform.

The management committee of the association is president Bob Mills, secretary Graeme Gibson, treasurer Meg Bishop and Tony Hennessy, Maggie May, Andrew Johnston, Geoff Austin and Cath Gillespie.

Join the Association for a $10 one off joining fee and $25 per year membership.

Membership is open to those who live and work in the Richmond Valley and Kyogle LGAs including areas on the borders.


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