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Management Plan for Lakes and Coorong Fishery

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SA Department of Primary Industries and Regions, Media Release, 22 January 2021

A draft Management Plan for the Commercial Lakes and Coorong Fishery has been released for public consultation.

Minister Basham said the changes further refine the harvest strategies of pipi and finfish to ensure sustainability into the future.

A key change in the Management Plan includes refining the method for determining the total allowable commercial effort (net units) for finfish each year. In addition to the existing environmental measures, it is proposed the method includes consideration of the historical catch per unit effort for each finfish species.

In addition the pipi harvest rules are proposed to change to support retaining higher levels of biomass on the beach and to smooth out annual variability of total allowable commercial catches.

Both these changes to the finfish and pipi harvest strategies are consistent with the SARDI science used to sustainably manage the fishery.

“We are encouraging members of the public with an interest in the Commercial Lakes and Coorong fishery to take a look at the draft plan,” Minister Basham said.

“The draft plan has been developed after extensive consultation with industry and with scientific and fisheries management input. This plan follows on from our development of new draft management plans for South Australia’s Northern Zone Rock Lobster and Abalone commercial fisheries.”

Public consultation is now open until 16 February 2021.

For further information and to download the draft management plan visit PIRSA’s Commercial Lakes and Coorong Fishery management plan consultation .


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