Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Stephen Sia, The Lord Howe Island Signal


New coral species in Lord Howe Island Marine Park

Researchers Andrew Baird and Tom Bridge from the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies at James Cook University and Queensland Museum Network recently visited to document the biodiversity of corals in the Lord Howe Island Marine Park, accompanied by field assistants Matt Curnock and Duan Briggs. Andrew and Tom are key members of Project Phoenix, an international collaboration seeking to re-invent hard coral taxonomy, using both old methods and new technologies.

Swim around Lord Howe Island

Lauren Tischendorf: The swim was a great challenge and overall I felt a well-earnt title to be the first woman (with ratification, the first recorded in history). The conditions, which I already knew about, were large swell and chop, for most of the swim. I absolutely loved it!

ANZAC Day – Peter Adams, CEO, Lord Howe Island Board

Here we are each taking time to pause, to reflect, to remember, to hold on to something ... what is that something?

Solar hybrid renewable energy project

Amy Foxe. A significant event occurred on 5th March which is certainly worth mentioning and celebrating whilst the project team continue to work towards practical completion. A combination of slightly lower than average overnight demand and very clear morning skies provided the perfect conditions for the solar PV and solar-charged battery to take the island load for a full 24 hour period.

M.V. Albatross 1936-2021

Ed Rourke. Recently, after several attempts to repair the keel on “Albatross” it was, sadly, decided to bring the boat ashore!

Lord Howe Island – bird notes

Ian Hutton. With the removal of the rodents and owls in 2019, we are seeing another dramatic increase in bird life - not just the Woodhens, but all land birds, especially Emerald doves. There are also more seabirds: Black-winged petrel numbers are increasing; Grey ternlets are being seen on rock cliffs from Ned’s Beach to Middle Beach, Brown noddies are increasing in areas where they breed.

Opinion letters to ABC News and The Hon. Matt Kean MP – rodent eradication

... Regrettably, your ABC News story posted 2 February 2021 is fundamentally incorrect (undoubtedly, without your knowledge) ...