Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Denmark Bulletin


Bike events ‘threat to biodiversity’

Mountain bike events should be held on private property to avoid conflicting use with culturally-important Noongar sites and fragile biodiversity. So says University of WA professor of biodiversity Stephen Hopper, a view which traditional owner of Koorumdinup (Mt Hallowell), Menang man, Larry Blight shares.

Hallowell home to ‘evolutionary laboratory’

Patricia Gill. Noongar man Larry Blight can feel the presence of spirits at culturally-significant sites and experiences a racing heart in those for ‘women’s business’ ... Larry was speaking at a Denmark Environment Centre-presented field trip at Koorumdinup on November 7 along with professor of biodiversity at the University of WA, Stephen Hopper.

Travelling on Tesla time – for next to nothing

Angela Tillier. We drove our Tesla on a holiday in WA in August and September after buying the Model 3 SR+ - a get to know the car and the charging options. A Plug Share app shows where to charge and I calculated the distances. Wanting to see wildflowers and visit some favourite coastal towns, the trip required careful planning as some areas had no chargers.

Property in hot demand as development stalls

Patricia Gill. A shortage of residential housing has led to fierce competition for Denmark properties which are being sold above the listed prices. This coincides with housing development stalling due to the cost of headworks and the reluctance of banks to lend for what they deem as risky projects despite low interest rates ... Country Property Brokers principal Joss Harman said the current market was cyclical and likened it to 2006.

Beetle care a dung deal

Shaun Ossinger. Regional Development Minister Alanah MacTiernan has announced a grant of about $35,000 to help colonise winter-active dung beetles in the Wilson Inlet catchment. Part of the natural ecosystem of cattle, dung beetles have evolved alongside the animal throughout Europe and Africa, breaking down cattle dung and recycling nutrients.

Wet tracks test endurance riders

Lisa Clarke. (Image: Vince and Judy Evans, Downunder Images) Thirty-five riders and horses from the WA Endurance Riders Association crossed spectacular countryside in the last ride of the 2021 season at Boat Harbour Camp last month. They tackled the 20, 40, 60 or 80km tracks to the scenic Boat Harbour beach, along local roads, the Denmark/Nornalup Heritage Trail and around the Kordabup Reserve.

Voters put environment first

Patricia Gill. Councillor Ceinwen Gearon has been re-elected unopposed as shire president and Cr Kingsley Gibson deputy shire president to an environmentally-focused council of predominately women. Cr Gearon was elected deputy shire president in 2016 and shire president the following year, a position she has served ever since.

Horse healing power to be harnessed

Serena Kirby. A new exercise therapy will soon be available for Denmark children and adults recovering from serious injury or living with physical disabilities and illnesses. The name of the therapeutic practice, hippotherapy, comes from the Greek word ‘hippos’ meaning horse and roughly translates as ‘treatment with help of a horse’.