Friday, June 21, 2024



EU glyphosate decision welcomed by GrainGrowers

The decision by the European Union to extend approval for the use of glyphosate is welcome news for Australian farmers. GrainGrowers CEO Shona Gawel said the decision followed an earlier assessment by the European Food Safety Authority that found no critical areas of concern. 

Reaching new heights, one weed at a time

With spring in full swing, the weeds are up and about. Rotor Solutions Australia (RSA), operating out of Albury, has been busy in the Upper Murray spraying winter and spring weeds over the past few months, not only from the helicopter but also using a drone.

We can’t afford to lose older herbicides

The Linklater family ... of Trentham Farms, near Gol Gol, NSW, crop 9800 ha of sandy loam country and appreciate the value of older and cheaper herbicides that are still effective options against their major weeds. With a focus on maximising yield by cropping as often as possible, Daniel says it is necessary to take a medium to long-term view when making decisions rather than focusing on the lowest-cost options in a single season.