Friday, June 21, 2024



Duck hunt for some

A recent inquiry into Victoria’s duck hunting had more than 10,500 submissions, a record for a Victorian parliamentary inquiry. Labor chair Ryan Batchelor said Victoria should end recreational native bird hunting on all public and private land from 2024 ... The report did also recommend transforming hunting reserves into state recreation reserves, and excluding non aboriginals, whilst allowing traditional owners to continue to hunt ducks.

Bendigo Greens’ campaign officially launches

Bendigo Greens’ candidate, Dr Cate Sinclair, officially launched the Greens campaign last Friday at their View Street headquarters, overlooking the fountain. A resident of Castlemaine, Dr Sinclair is an occupational therapist and health researcher who is passionate about sharing the Greens’ messages to those in regional Victoria.

Dalton welcomes decision to quash floodplain harvesting laws

NSW state MP for Murray Helen Dalton welcomed the NSW Upper House vote to disallow law changes that allowed for excessive floodplain harvesting in the NSW Northern Basin on Thursday. “This result is a big victory for communities in the Lower Darling and irrigators in my electorate,” Mrs Dalton said.

Sneaky plan to hand out Floodplain Harvesting Licences could be illegal and expose Govt to billions in compensation: Faehrmann

Moves by Water Minister Kevin Anderson to pave the way for the handing out of licences for floodplain harvesting as early as this week are likely in breach of the Commonwealth Water Act and could set up a future government to have to fork out billions of dollars in compensation, says Cate Faehrmann, Greens MP and water spokesperson and chair of the recent NSW Upper House Committee into Floodplain Harvesting.

Trying to out-green the Greens: Bev McArthur

An attempt by Labor to increase penalties and offences for timber workers and timber harvesting has nothing to do with forest management, and everything to do with inner-city politics. Member for Western Victoria  Bev McArthur, has told the Victorian Parliament that Labor’s legislation is about sacrificing jobs in the bush to appease inner-city ideologues.